How to save time at the printer on 4 Color Jobs

PDF File Submissions to your print vendor

Have you ever had a job for a client that was time sensitive and you didn’t have the luxury of delays at your printer? Here are some tips for you to follow so your files will be clean, and get printed quickly and smoothly.

For the most part printers like to receive Hi-Res PDFs from their clients (of course you can also send your native files as well), so you want to be doubly sure that your files have been created correctly. Even though most printers will fix or correct PDF files, they are most certainly going to charge you to do so and you’ll want to avoid that! Remember they may also charge you to resubmit your file and have it preflighted again. Most important, you may lose your print slot and delay your final due date, which won’t make your client very happy.

Here is a checklist you can follow:

• Be sure your images are at least 300 dpi
• Make sure all images and vector art are CMYK (no Spot colors)
• Possibly outline your fonts (converted from text to vector art) before creating your PDF
• Have all your bleeds in place (if your file bleeds)
• Your file should be the size that you were quoted
• Before you submit your file print it and fold it down (if necessary) to its final size and
double check your work